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About Dungeonbyte

The history of Dungeonbyte begins in 1994 when Tim, and co-music obsessive Steve founded Brrapp Records as an indie record label to release great music by local bands from the LA area that wouldn't get attention otherwise.  (Which explains how Billy, the Brrapp Buddy jumped into our current logo with his guitar).  At that time, Brrapp Records co-founder Tim Lang was still in college studying music.
In 2009 when video game technology had matured to a point where a similar independent, DIY attitude could be had, Tim, now a grizzled veteran of video game development took Brrapp in a new direction, founding Brrapp Games as an indie game development studio.
Brrapp's first game, Astro Fighter Alpha, released in 2009 has garnered over 100,000 downloads between all of the platforms it's been released on (iOS, Google Play, Amazon App Store, OUYA, and many others).  It's simple accelerometer based gameplay was hailed by one reviewer as  "Best accelerometer-based shoter's I've pages [sic] so far", while another user said, "solid game."  Tim's own mother raved about the game, saying, "This game makes me carsick."
Since then Brrapp Games went on to release SqueezeShapes! for Android, a quirky puzzle game published by TapJoy.   It's users were just as kind saying, "I'm afraid of Mona Lisa." and, "Cool.  Weird but good to pass the time."
In 2020, Brrapp decided to undergo a name change and became Dungeonbyte Softworks (or, more commonly, Dungeonbyte).  As time passed, The word Brrapp begun to have associations in different cultures that didn't have the same representation of quirky fun that it used to.  We want to make fun games that harken back to the golden age of gaming (namely the 80s and 90s!) , and so Dungeonbyte was born.
We kept Billy, the Brrapp buddy, who would rather sit on his couch playing video games nowadays.  Rock on, Billy!
Dungeonbyte is now deep in the production of their most ambitious game yet, Aeolwyn's Legacy.  Set in the kingdom of Laryndor, It's Tim's own tribute to the party-based RPGs of the 80s and 90s.  No release date has been announced.

Our Team:

Tim Lang

President, Founder, Creative Director, and all the fancy titles

Tim Lang has been in the game industry for over 20 years.  He is most well known for his time spent as a Game Designer for New World Computing, and as the Lead Designer of Might and Magic IX.  He also has had stints at Electronic Arts, Nival Interactive, Jailed Games, and Spin Master Studios.


Tim is also very interested in helping the next generation of game developers hone their skills, and has appeared as a guest lecturer at UCLA and the LA Film School.  He has also written a number of articles on game design for

Ryan Smith

Tester, Community Manager

Ryan is a writer, an online personality, and a sound designer, currently working on Aeolwyn's Legacy. He first met Tim while working on an unofficial Might and Magic game (known as Children of the Void) back in 2012, having been an avid fan of Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven.


Ryan is producing his own animated series, called Uniques United, and is also building a career as a content creator under the name Sibernethy. One day, he hopes to build his own cartoon empire and help usher in a new generation of high-quality shows, video games, and animated storytelling

Shorre McColman


Hailing from the frigid plains of Canada with a background in physics and a budding career in AAA development, Shorre has joined the team determined to build a rock solid code infrastructure and to take the game from concept to kingdom. Currently reworking some of the most fundamental systems of the game to allow Tim to focus on design and to ensure the game runs with as few bugs and as many frames as possible.

Richard Gerulf


Richard is responsible for writing the quests. He is also an avid fan of Might and Magic 6-8 doing yearly play through of each game. He is also an avid fan of Dungeons and Dragons. He has currently a Dungeon Master for 2 games, with one lasting for several years. He has been taking the experience gained to provide unique quest lines, whether it's the promotions, or many of the side quests,

David Ashton


Coming from the forests of Maine, David brings his lengthy knowledge of nature and lighting in an attempt to create a dynamic and beautiful experience. As a gardener by day, artist by night, everything he puts forth is a creation of something beautiful.

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