Aeolwyn’s Legacy is a new first-person party-based RPG for the PC. It’s an epic tale in a sprawling world filled with knights, kings, allies and betrayal.

The kingdom of Laryndor is in upheaval!  Factions have begun forming against the king.  Secret societies are plotting against the monarchy and may even threaten life itself!



Party Based Gameplay
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Aeolwyn’s Legacy is a throwback to the Party-based Role Playing Games of old!  Instead of playing one all-powerful character you’ve got a party of 4 characters who are under your full control to customize and develop as you choose!


There’s a large open world at your doorstep.  Explore the world and find strange monsters and hidden locations.  There will be plenty of secrets to uncover!

Explore the wilderness and investigate dark dungeons and abandon temples.


Talk to NPCs.  Take on quests large and small.  Join factions and fight your enemies!

Epic Story

Play an epic, multi-branching story where choices you make may affect your future in Laryndor.  Just because you are friendly with one faction doesn’t mean that all the other groups in Laryndor appreciate you meddling in their plans!  Meddle too far and they may take action against you!


Fight powerful monsters and loot their treasure!  Choose between real time combat to slay your foes, or if you prefer to think more strategically about your battles, switch to turn-based and outsmart your enemies.  You can switch between the two any time you want.

Develop Characters

There’s tons of skills to learn, including martial skills, magic skills, and plenty more to help you in your quests!


You have four characters to customize any way you want.  Do you want to face the world with four soldiers? Do it! Do you prefer magical attacks?  Go ahead! In Aeolwyn’s Legacy there are tons of character choices, each with 2 levels of promotions to get even more powerful.

Regular Updates

You won’t get the whole thing all at once!  New regions, enemies, and quests will be added regularly!


Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from this course?

In this course Hannah will accompany you to implement and manifest new energies into your life and guide you to come into your unique power - together in a deep continuous group process.

You will heal areas that hold you back from becoming the person you can and have the potential to be. You will heal places that don’t serve you anymore and you will activate yourself from deep within.

You will understand yourself from a new perspective where each and every moment of your life, your personality, characteristics, and the wholeness of who you are, start making sense and connecting you to essence and meaning.

With this you create within you inner peace, abundance, completeness, and inner freedom to create the life that you wish in all your power.

What will a lesson look like and what is the time frame?

Each week we will meet online via Zoom together in a steady group to learn about ourselves, earth, the universe, and all of creation.

The Zoom Link will be sent to you in advance via Email an/or a dedicated WhatsApp group.

Each week we will have a lesson with input, new topics, energetic journeys - We will learn, practice, and assimilate together the materials and share about the processes we are going through.

Through energetic frequency activations and transmissions (between 10-30 minutes each week), we will go into deep journeys of activating the “codes”, or answers, within us to be awakened and to come into our full presence and power.

Each lesson will look a bit different – sometimes the focus will be more on new input and materials around life, the whole of creation, learning healing techniques, other times the focus will be more on practicing energetic tools or self-awareness techniques.

Each lesson will be around 2,5 hours each week, including an intermission.

What happens if I can’t join a lesson?

Each lesson will be recorded and provided to all participants of the course via google drive.

The aim is to go into deep group processes, which is why the meetings are important to attend live. Each lesson represents an energetic gateway to each one of our processes. Each lesson is a transmission of loads of new energy coming to support us. This energy is there also, when someone is not present online, but changes its structure according to who is there to receive it.

Meaning: even if you are not there, you will be part of the transmission, depending on your personal will, ability, and awareness.

Since we are very used to a material and physical world, it will be easier to be in full presence while being present for the live meeting.

In case it is not possible for you to be there live, there are always recordings and Hannah will catch you up the day after in a short call.

What else does the course maintain?

  • After each meeting you will be provided with the recording of the meeting to be able to come back to it and assimilate it deeper whenever you wish.
  • You will also receive a summarizing PDF of the meeting from Hannah.
  • Each week Hannah will provide you with input and an invitation to be in a “Continuity of Awareness” for implementing everything into everyday life.
  • A WhatsApp group (according to demand, it could be another app) with all participants will be a connection point between the participants to share, support and be on their process during the week.
  • You will also be provided with recordings of each energetic frequency activation.
  • During the first weeks of the course you will be provided with a PDF containing all energetic tools we will be learning as well as a PDF with parts of all frequency transmissions written out.
  • Throughout the course, you will have access to free additional voluntary practice sessions in cooperation with other mentors and instructors.

What if I start the course but want to quit after a few weeks?

You can at any time decide to leave the course and only pay for the lessons that you attended.

The most important thing when doing this course is that you have an active will to do it 

Is payment possible in instalments?

You have different options of payment:

A – Take care of yourself each day - DAILY PAYMENT PLAN - 5€/day for a minimum of 7 days (= one lesson)

B – Week by Week payment plan - WEEKLY PAYMENT PLAN - 35€/week

C – Month by month payment plan - MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN - 146,36€/month

D – Walk in half full - FIRST PART MODULE 1 PAYMENT - 910€/26 meetings

E – Full on payment - FULL MODULE 1 - 1610€/46 meetings

The lessons are continuous.

During the first 6 lessons you may pay per the lessons that you attend. After 6 lessons, the payment will be continuous - meaning that not attending a live lesson doesn't mean that you won't pay for the missed live meeting. Recordings and all materials are always provided and Hannah is always there to accompany any gaps.

You may at any moment stop your payment plan.

If you pay the full amount for the first part of module 1 or all of module 1, but decide to leave in the middle of the course, you will be refunded for the remaining lessons that you will not attend.

Why do we decide to do it like this?

Because we want you to be happy. And we want you to want to take part in the course. The most important is that you want to be there and have an authetic will and wish to learn togetehr and take part :)

What if I join the course a few weeks after it already started?

Throughout the first 8 meetings the group is open to be joined. If you join late, Hannah will help you with catching up and guide you through smoothly.

Why is the course open the first 8 meetings and afterwards closes to become a steady group?

Throughout the first weeks we start diving into the learnings and materials. The deeper we dive, the more we transform, advance and create new frequency infrastructures within us, which makes it difficult to join in afterwards.

Another important aspect of why this course is being walked through as a steady group, is the unique process that this setting allows to take place: Each individual goes through a deep process as part of a unique group and therefore plays an important role in creating processes and solutions, and likewise receives solutions from the other group members – on down to earth layers, as well as energetic layers.

How much group process and how much individual process is in this course?

One of the pillars of this course is the support of the unique individual within a unique group.

This is a main field of exploration within this process: Who am I? What is my place? How can I be comfortable in my place?

And by taking my place, what do I see in the other? How is the other supporting me? How am I supporting the other? How are we connected? How are we synchronized?

You will go through your very individual process of development and understand your connection with the group as a whole.

Especially in the first weeks of starting this course Hannah will be in touch with each one to understand your process better and support in case of need (we will dive into deep processes that activate new areas within us that may require accompaniment to understand and proportionalize)

Of course, if you will want to receive more dedicated individual mentoring and coaching, Hannah can be booked for 1:1 sessions, or can refer you to other amazing mentors, therapists, healers, and coaches.

What happens after I sign up for the course?

You will receive a confirmation email and a welcome from Hannah.

The email will contain payment plan options for you to choose which payment plan you would like to continue with.

Hannah will then get in touch with you to arrange a short intro call.

The personal and individual relationship and accompaniment is very important in this process – each one is different and each one is unique and this is something that we will be working with and exploring a lot, which is why there is no template for communication.

What if I am in a time zone that makes it hard for me to be present during the live lessons?

Talk to Hannah - There is always a way if there is a will!

What is the Cosmic University?

The Cosmic University is a body whose purpose and calling is to provide innovative consciousness and knowledge, in order to advance humanity towards unity, welbeing, sustainability and abundance. This springs from an awakening of a new consciousness and the development of awareness and technology which transcends the limitations of the mind and matter, providing ways of conduct for establishing a society, which is connected to its cosmic roots and acts with wisdom, peace and unity. The Cosmic University was founded in 2007 by its founder Louharya. The frequency activations that this course "The program for training emissaries" is based on, are transmitted by Louharya, the founder of the Cosmic University, and who transmits source frequencies for us to learn and to support ourselves and others here on earth. Find more info here.

How and when do I pay?

When you register for the course of Module 1 you will receive an email with payment links. You then decide which option you would like to continue with.

Is there an option to meet in person?

Hannah lives in Berlin and is always happy to meet face to face. If Corona regulations allow and there is a demand from participants to meet in person in Berlin, this is an option. For all other places in the world - let's find out what can be possible :)

What if I want to take the course but have no money?

I want to make sure that each one who wants, can take part in this course. I am aware that not for everyone this is an affordable price.

If this is the case for you, and you are for ex. unemployed, a student, a single parent or in any other situation that may have led you to a low financial income, please write to me at and tell me about your situation, so we can arrange a plan that matches your needs (for ex. reduced scholarship, time framed scholarship, etc.)

Remember – Investing in yourself is the most wonderful investment to create your future.

I told you above that this course changed my life into abundance, wellbeing, freedom, creating and allowing myself to be who I want to be – when I started this course I was a student with about 650 EUR per month. Until today I rationally don’t understand how I never made this a reason not to start this course, but the main thing is that I didn’t make it a reason. I wanted to do this course. And I did it. And I got proactive and created myself options to put my income on a higher level. And this is what happened. It was the first step towards myself. And I felt so empowered. Like I can do anything if I just want. So, this is my invitation to you: Do you feel drawn to take this course? If yes, do it and you will find a way. And I am here to help you on that way – just get in touch!

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