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Zombie Gauntlet Live!

Hi guys, my name is Tim. You may know me as the president of this outfit. I'm also one of the developers, and my main game focuses (focusis?) are on Project 2137 and our new action shooter Zombie Gauntlet Live!

A little about the game:

Zombie Gauntlet Live! is our newest game. It's set in the same dystopian world as Project 2137.

In one as yet unnamed Enclave, a new gameshow has become a breakaway hit for the Enclave Entertainment Network: Zombie Gauntlet Live! which pits contestants against not only an obstacle course like environment, but zombies as well.

But are things as they seem?

What is it going to be for?

The platforms are not 100% set in stone yet, but the current planned platforms are PC, XBox One, PS4 and OUYA. This will be Brrapp's first foray into PC/Console game development (unless you count our OUYA version of Astro Fighter Alpha) and we're pretty excited about it!

Where are you at?

ZGL! is currently in a demo construction phase. A lot of the basic game mechanics are done (you can run around and shoot zombies that chase you), but that's still in a holodeck type level. (basically a test level). We're currently working on getting the first demo level done and will soon have a video up for you guys to see!

When can I play it?

No release date is set at the moment, but stay tuned!

Where can I get more info?

Head over to our Games page to check out some concept and screenshot art for ZGL!

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