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The Other Tim's Mad Mallard Update


Hey! It’s the “Other” Tim here with another report about Mad Mallard!

This week we’ve been putting plans in motion for the game’s looming launch date.

I’ve been updating our documentation with the game’s latest progress. After

receiving some feedback from our testers, we decided to make some changes to

make the game feel a little more intense and hopefully that much more fun for the

players. A few of our obstacles needed a little juicing up so now the piranhas and

hawks that the player encounters will be a lot more dangerous than they were

before. We’re trying to hone in on the perfect balance to make sure the game is as

fun as possible before our official release!

So what’s in store for the near future?

Our programmer, Dan is finishing the implementation of our upgrade system for the

duck. It’s been a bit of a bumpy road getting all of the assets to cooperate in Cocos2D

but it’s well on its way to being functional. This week we’ll also be starting to put

together our trailer. We’re going to record some exciting gameplay footage to show

off all that the game has to offer. Then we’ll edit it together to create a short promo

video to get everyone excited about the game’s launch date. You might be curious

when that is. Again, stay tuned to our FaceBook page (

madmallardgame) to get the latest news about Mad Mallard!

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