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Zombie Spawners galore


Tim here talking about Zombie Gauntlet Live!

Not much happened in the last few weeks....mostly worked on modeling the zombie spawner object. I forgot how much I hate UV mapping. I would have bought a model like Brian Fargo told me to, but I couldn't find anything I liked.

Speaking of Brian Fargo,....Wasteland 2 also came out, taking up way too much of my time. Another reason why I didn't get a lot accomplished.

Anyway, the basics of the spawner model are done, and i can get to work on getting spawning back up and working again.

What's all this talk about spawning?

ok, so if you've never played a game before, spawning is when you tell the game to make an enemy appear to fight you. SInce ZGL is a television show, it doesn't make sense that the zombies would just be hanging around the set waiting for you to fight them. So what the network does (EEN or Enclave Entertainment Network for those that are interested) is pack zombies into containers, which it ships and drops into the show set to let loose on the contestants when they run through the course.

So that's what I'm working on...the container for the zombies and all the programming to support the spawning. I already had a preliminary version working, and now it has to be updated to support the new container methodology.

Once spawning is done, I can put together the gameplay for the first level, and then get some texturing and beautification going on. Then demo-movie and possibly a releasable game-demo of the first level!

Next Week:

More Mad Mallard development updates. I played the most recent version, and it's looking really good. Super polished and a lot of fun. I'm pretty excited when I can give the team the thumbs up to submit a Release Candidate to Apple.

Head over to Facebook and like the Mad Mallard Facebook page for the latest updates. Might as well like the Brrapp Facebook page while you're at it!

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