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P2137 Update

Hello my friends! I've had a few private messages on our facebook page asking about the current status of Project 2137. Instead of answering a bunch of private messages, I'll leave this little note up here.

First, Project 2137 is NOT CANCELED. That's Mad Mallard. I put P2137 on the backburner so we can focus 100% on getting Zombie Gauntlet Live out. Why ZGL instead of P2137? Technology, mostly. Both are really ambitious games for us (first time we're doing a PC/XBox FPS sort of game instead of mobile games) and there's a lot of technological hurdles in the design of P2137 that still need to be overcome. Doing ZGL first allows us an opportunity for learning as well as giving me time to think about modifying the design of P2137 to eliminate some of the more intimidating challenges.

One thing I've been considering with the design of Project 2137 is to go retro with it. I've always been a big fan of retro RPGs, and really want to do a game in the style of Questron/Legacy of the Ancients/Ultima. It would definitely be easier and I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether you'd rather see P2137 as a more modern looking RPG or as a cool Sci Fi retro one....I've got some great thoughts on a turn-based combat system that would be perfect for a retro game!

If you've got an opinion, feel free to send an email or a private message on our facebook page!

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