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ZGL Spotlight: The EEN

As promised, I'm back! I know it's been a while since my last update, but there hasn't been a lot to update. Mostly I've been doing level design. The good news is that I've finished the first pass of all the levels. Some of them still need attention, but they're good enough to move on to other things. Next up at the moment is adding in gamepad support. Should be pretty easy (I hope).

Anyway, on to the Spotlight of the EEN:

The Enclave Entertainment Network is a government sponsored media channel that hosts Zombie Gauntlet Live! - one of their most popular shows. They are the channel that is mostly responsible for propaganda and promoting the Enclave's beliefs.

Some subversives believe that the sole purpose of the network is to placate and brainwash the masses into believing that they are happy and that the Enclave makes their lives better. Are they wrong? who knows! :)

You will see the symbol in the bottom right a few times around the Enclave. It's actually one of the main symbols of the Enclave (and not the network). All citizens of the Enclave learned the meaning of it as children. What it symbolizes is the glory and light that the Enclave brings to the world. The small circle in the bottom represents the citizens of the Enclave protected under the dome of the Enclave's influence. (After the Great Robot War, some enclaves had literal domes around their cities and the symbol of the sideways 'D' grew to represent an enclave).

The rays shining out from the top of the dome represent the light and glory the Enclave shines upon the world! Glory to the Enclave! What have you done for your Enclave today?

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