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ZGL Spotlight: Enclave Security Forces

The Enclave Security Forces are the de-facto police force for the Enclave. Like most organizations in Zombie Gaunlet Live, they are a corporate, non-governmental agency. Technically ESF is a security company, but in practice they have full police authority, including lethal force to use (and abuse).

ESF Security Guard

They have different levels of authority within the organization, from simple security officers to full military-level squadrons. They are frequently accused of abuse of their powers, but since they are so entrenched inside the Enclave these complaints fall on deaf ears, leaving the ESF free reign to do as they please within the confines of the Enclave. (In the lawless wasteland outside the Enclaves, that's a different story)

Most citizens of the Enclave fear encounters with the ESF (rightly so). They are just as likely to shoot you or make you disappear as they are to take a bribe to leave you alone. So if you find yourself alone in an alley with some ESF officers, get out your wallet, cause you never know whay they'll do if you don't!

Progress Update:

Good news on the game side: Most of the levels are done. Maybe not at 100%, but they're done enough that I can move on to different tasks: namely enemies and AI. (yay!) I'm currently working on the zombies and they're coming along nicely. I'm hoping to have some gameplay videos up for you to view soon!

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