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Lotsa News and Updates

Hello and welcome back everyone! I know it's been a long while since our last ZGL update, bust rest assured we have been busy at work!

The biggest news that I am proud to announce is that Zombie Gauntlet Live has got some help! I am happy to announce that we have added a bunch of people to the team! There's so many, I have to do it as a list!

* James Davis: Lead Artist

* Moy Garcia: Rigger and Animator

* Nicole Krason: Rigger and Animator

* Andy Pace: Level Design

We're still on the lookout for an AI Engineer and another Level Designer or two, so if you're interested shoot us an email!

In the meantime, James has taken the time to create this awesome video where he takes you though what it takes to sculpt a model. In this case he's creating a new Male Civilian character that will soon be attacked by zombies! Check it out! It's great!

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