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You been gone! What's been happening?

It's true. I've been gone a good long time, but I haven't been sleeping!

I put Zombie Gauntlet Live! on pause and have been working on a new game in secret. It's come along far enough that I'm ready to show it to the world.

Introducing my new fantasy RPG: Aeolwyn's Legacy!

Aeolwyn's Legacy

It's an old-school RPG dressed up in newer clothes. I say newer because it's not a cutting edge AAA visual treat (I'm working by myself! who's got time for that?

It's set in a land called Laryndor where (of course) there's trouble a'brewin'. Factions have been forming against the monarchy and secret societies have been making plots for and against the throne. In the coming months you'll hear more about the world, the characters and those pesky secret societies.

There's a demo available that you can get here.

And go ahead and head over to the Aeolwyn's Legacy page to learn more about the game and see some cool screenshots like this one:

The forum's still a lonely, lonely place. Check it out and let me know what you think! Ideas and suggestions are welcome (and will be ignored! - maybe. Or not).

I'll be releasing the game as updates are applied. The demo will be free, but once Chapter 1 comes out I'll start asking for money to help offset the costs I've invested in making my (current) magnum opus.

Thanks for getting this far! More updates coming soon.

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