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Aeolwyn's Legacy Update #12

It's been a while since our last update! Sorry about that!

There's been a few incremental builds since the official release of demo version 3, but it's mostly been bug fixing, though there's some neat new stuff:


There's going to be a number of factions throughout the game, some who will not be happy if you're friendly with another faction. So far, you only get to meet a member of one faction.

Map tweaks

I spent a lot of time working on the mini map and local map to make it easier to find where you're going. You can now mouseover the icons on the mini map and local map to find out what it is.

Quest Log tweaks

I completely revamped the quest system to make it more flexible in the future, which necessitated an update to the quest log. It looks almost the same, but now the information on what to do is better organized.

Quest Markers

If you are having problems with finding out where to go, you can click on 'Track Quest' in the quest log and a red icon will appear in the minimap telling you where to go. If you're hardcore and don't want the help, don't click the button!

World Map

In addition to the mini map and local map, I've added a world map that shows the entire island-continent of Laryndor. It's only got basic functions now (pan and zoom), but there will be more in the future to support fast travel, information on towns, and other things.


The Lexicon was probably the biggest update. I heard a number of complaints that I just threw you into the world without any instructions on how to play or how things work. So now there's a whole encyclopedia at your fingertips that explains the gameplay, skills, spells, stats, and more!

There is a section on monsters that isn't quite fleshed out yet, but it will be soon!

What's next?

Currently, I'm working on adding tons of items! Previously there was only a handful of weapons and armor (all I needed to ensure the mechanics worked), but now you'll have items galore!

So check the demo out if you haven't already, and get the new build if you have! and stop by our shop and buy some merch!

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