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Another Aeolwyn's Legacy update (#14)

Good news! The v3.03 of the demo has been released! There may be a few minor updates in the next few weeks before we officially start work on Chapter 1. it's an exciting time!

Here's some of the things you can expect from the new demo:

  • various bug fixes

  • New villages

  • New individual character screen

  • new method for selecting quickspell

  • AI tweaks

  • new gold drop item for monsters

  • added readable books

  • new intro text for demo

  • new items

  • new method to drop items

  • changed spell school names to more readable names

  • animals drop meat now instead of treasure

  • revamped character creation UI

  • added unidentified items & Identify Item skill

  • cleaned up Lexicon UI

So head over to the Demo page and grab it!

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