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Brapp Games is changing our name!

Brrapp had a good run, but we felt that it was time to move on. After many months of identity soul-searching and name suggestions, Brrapp has now become DungeonByte Softworks!

We're the same old bunch of fans making the same fun games you've come to expect from Brrapp. The only thing that's different is our name.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be changing our branding, starting with the website and moving on to all our social media

Why did we change our name? It's a complicated story. Originally, Brrapp was a silly word that represented a fun, goofy identity. Nowadays the word has become associated with motorcycles and guns, two things that we may enjoy, but two things that don't represent what Brrapp Games was about (namely Old-School video game fun). We've kept Billy, the Brrapp Buddy as part of our logo. Hopefully his familiary, happy face will help keep you company during these tumultuous times!

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