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More news on Aeolwyn's Legacy!

I know it's been a good while since the last update, and I want you all to know I haven't forgotten about you! I hope you are all staying well!

I've been hard at work setting up the new streaming terrain and updating the demo to work with it. This involved the construction of all new indoor levels (most of the original demo levels were temporary) and lots of new outdoors. The screenshot above is the new dungeon entrance to the Abandon Temple level from the demo.

There's lots of other stuff I've been working on as well - I've spent some time setting up animated portraits (Though I only have artwork for one at the moment) as well as fixing a bunch of loading and saving bugs related to the streaming terrain.

I'm hoping to have a new demo up soon to show off all the hard work, but until then you'll have to make do with the screenshot!

As always, join our Discord for the latest information!

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