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New team members and updates!

t's been a while since the last update! Lots has been happening. We are hard at work on Chapter 1, and more fixes to the demo.

More importantly, we have added new team members, who I wanted to introduce to all of you!

In no particular order, here are the great new additions to the Aeolwyn's Legacy team:

Ryan Smith - Tester, Sound Designer, and Man-About-Town

Ryan is a long time Might and Magic fan and met Tim while working on an unofficial Might and Magic fan game, Children of the Void. He's been instrumental in finding bugs, providing sounds, and doing all sorts of stuff that needs to get done!

Shorre McColman - Engineer

Hailing from the frigid plains of Canada with a background in physics and a budding career in AAA development, Shorre has joined the team determined to build a rock solid code infrastructure and to take the game from concept to kingdom. Currently reworking some of the most fundamental systems of the game to allow Tim to focus on design and to ensure the game runs with as few bugs and as many frames as possible.

Richard Gerulf - Writer

Richard is responsible for writing the quests. He is also an avid fan of Might and Magic 6-8 doing yearly play through of each game. He is also an avid fan of Dungeons and Dragons. He has currently a Dungeon Master for 2 games, with one lasting for several years. He has been taking the experience gained to provide unique quest lines, whether it's the promotions, or many of the side quests. We are looking forward to piling more and more work on Richard until he screams Uncle Archibald!

David Ashton - Artist

Coming from the forests of Maine, David brings his lengthy knowledge of nature and lighting in an attempt to create a dynamic and beautiful experience. As a gardener by day, artist by night, everything he puts forth is a creation of something beautiful.

Welcome to the team everyone!

don't forget to check the demo out, and stop by our shop and buy some merch!

And as always, find us on Discord for the latest updates and a chance to talk to all the great people excited about this game!

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