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Brrapp Games Privacy Policy

Collecting Data

Dungeonbyte may collect some information regarding our users in our games, on our website or through other means.  This data is collected to operate effectively and provide our users with the best experiences we can.  Some of this data may be collected via in-game actions, website clicks, or other interactive means.

In general, we only collect anonymous user data regarding playing times, progress and data pertinent to how our games and products are being used.  We don't collect things such as legal names, credit card information, etc.  We use third party companies to handle those sorts of transactions when collecting money for our products.

How We Use Personal Data

Dungeonbyte uses the data we collect to improve the products we offer, which may include using that data to improve and/or personalize your experience.  On occasion we may use that data to communicate with you regarding product updates or news.

Sharing and Saving Personal Data

Dungeonbyte does not share the data we collect with any outside companies or agencies except as required by law.  

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