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Aeolwyn’s Legacy is a new first-person party-based RPG for the PC. It’s an epic tale in a sprawling world filled with knights, kings, allies and betrayal.

The kingdom of Laryndor is in upheaval!  Factions have begun forming against the king.  Secret societies are plotting against the monarchy and may even threaten life itself!



Party Based Gameplay
Char Creation.jpg

Aeolwyn’s Legacy is a throwback to the Party-based Role Playing Games of old!  Instead of playing one all-powerful character you’ve got a party of 4 characters who are under your full control to customize and develop as you choose!


There’s a large open world at your doorstep.  Explore the world and find strange monsters and hidden locations.  There will be plenty of secrets to uncover!

Explore the wilderness and investigate dark dungeons and abandon temples.


Talk to NPCs.  Take on quests large and small.  Join factions and fight your enemies!

Epic Story

Play an epic, multi-branching story where choices you make may affect your future in Laryndor.  Just because you are friendly with one faction doesn’t mean that all the other groups in Laryndor appreciate you meddling in their plans!  Meddle too far and they may take action against you!


Fight powerful monsters and loot their treasure!  Choose between real time combat to slay your foes, or if you prefer to think more strategically about your battles, switch to turn-based and outsmart your enemies.  You can switch between the two any time you want.

Develop Characters

There’s tons of skills to learn, including martial skills, magic skills, and plenty more to help you in your quests!


You have four characters to customize any way you want.  Do you want to face the world with four soldiers? Do it! Do you prefer magical attacks?  Go ahead! In Aeolwyn’s Legacy there are tons of character choices, each with 2 levels of promotions to get even more powerful.

Regular Updates

You won’t get the whole thing all at once!  New regions, enemies, and quests will be added regularly!

  • Is there a demo available?
    Not at this time. We determined that the old demo was a bit too buggy. Fear not, though! We are working to fix that!
  • How many characters can you play?
    You will have 4 player characters under your complete control.
  • How many skills will there be?
    There will be at least 20 skills, with the possibility of more.
  • How many hours of gameplay?
    There is no specific target for gameplay hours, though we expect somewhere between 60-100 for the complete game.
  • Will combat be real-time or turn-based?
    Both! You will be able to switch between real-time and turn-based combat at any time.
  • How many regions will there be?
    There will be 6 main regions, each with a number of towns, dungeons, and places to explore.
  • How many dungeons will there be?
    We haven’t determined the total number of dungeons yet, but it will be a lot!
  • Will Aeolwyn’s Legacy be an open world?
    If you mean a seamless load-free outdoor world, then hopefully! We would like it to be, and are still exploring our options on how to make that work. If we can’t make that work, each region will have between 2 and 4 outdoor levels to explore.
  • How many classes will there be?
    There are currently 8 classes (Soldier, Brawler, Warrior, Thief, Pugilist, Seer, Mage, and Cleric)
  • Will there be class promotions?
    Yes! Each class will have 2 ranks of promotions.
  • How many races can you play?
    There are 5 playable races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Automota, and Golem)
  • Will there be hireable NPCs?
    Yes. They're not done yet, but they are definitely on the project plan.
  • Is there a branching storyline?
    That’s a definite possibility! You’ll have to play the game and find out!
  • How many quests will there be?
    Lots! There’s 30 quests in the main story, and at least as many side quests
  • Will there be factions?
    Yes! And some of them are opposed to each other. You’ll have to navigate carefully if you want try to remain friendly with them.
  • Will there be magic?
    Yes! There are 4 magic schools each with around 10 spells. Some of the more pertinent spells overlap.
  • Will there be bugs?
    Most certainly!
  • Where does the game take place?
    Aeolwyn’s Legacy takes place on an island nation known as Laryndor.
  • What’s happening in Laryndor?
    The King, His Royal Majesty, Aeolwyn II has been acting strangely. His daughter, Her Royal Highness, Tarinya, Duchess of Tambryne and Shield Lord Halfdan, Lord of Bryne are concerned about this and have been urging an investigation.
  • When is the release date?
    No official release date yet for the full game, but we expect Chapter 1 to be ready around fall of 2020.
  • Will Aeolwyn’s Legacy be released all at once?
    No. Because of the size of the game and work to be done, we’re planning on releasing the game chapter by chapter, starting with the demo. That way you will get to play it sooner and have much more content to look forward to! Lucky!
  • How many chapters will there be?
    We are currently planning 6 chapters.
  • What systems will it be released on?
    Initially we are targeting a PC release. We are also considering a console release.
  • Will it be on Steam/GOG/Epic Store/Robot Cache?
    Most likely all of them.
  • Will it be available on Steam Early Access?
    We are hoping so.
  • Will there be expansions after the full release?
    There are no plans for an expansion yet. We have are hands full with the regular game!
  • What are the minimum specs?
    The minimum we have been testing on is a Pentium 7th generation i5 with 8 Gigs of ram on a 750 ti video card. It may play on lower systems that we don’t have as a testbed.
  • What engine are you using?
    We are using Unity.
  • Will Aeolwyn’s Legacy support modding?
    We would like to, but, due to licensing restrictions on some of the components, there won’t be any official editors. But the game is written in Unity, so we may include a method to add your own levels and link them together.
  • Can I help?
    We are always interested in talking to people who want to help! Send us a message via our contact form and let us know what you can do!
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