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Aeolwyn's Legacy


It's a return to the classic party-based RPGs of old!

The kingdom of Laryndor is in upheaval!  Factions have begun forming against the king.  Secret societies are plotting against the monarchy and may even threaten life itself!

It's an epic tale in a sprawling world filled with knights, kings, allies and betrayal.

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Coming soon for PC! 



Astro Fighter Alpha

Released 2009

Astro Fighter Alpha is a exciting space shoot 'em up.  Flying your Astro Fighter, you must escort the Space Frigat Zeta through the Elrution Quadrent.


Astro Fighter uses innovative Accellerometer controls, and if you have the skill, it never ends!


Available for Android, iOS, and OUYA

Squeeze Shapes!

Released 2011​


Squeeze Shapes is a quirky little art-puzzle game.


You are an art restorer who must repair the world's most famous paintings.  Using special repair patches, you must stretch and squeeze them to match the shapes on some of the world's most recognizable paintings by the greatest masters.


Available for Android

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