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Zombie Gauntlet Live and Mad Mallard

Happy New Year to you all!

Just some new updates since you haven't heard from us in a long, long time.

Mad Mallard

First the bad news....unfortunately we have had to cancel Mad Mallard. As an indie studio we depend a lot on the passion of the team we have working for us more than the money we (usually aren't) paying them. Because of that, team members come and go based on their individual needs and we don't blame them for that.

That was the case with Mad Mallard. The team members' other commitments forced them to leave the project and move on to other things. Very sad because it was nearly done.

For a while I was working with the lead programmer to get the source code and finish it up, but no matter where we looked, we couldn't find the most recent source code. - for all you budding game developers out there, this is why you use source control!

So we were forced to put Mad Mallard on indefinite hold. (canceled, really). If we can find the source code, it will see the light of day one day...

Zombie Gauntlet Live

On to some good news. With the cancellation of Mad Mallard, I've been able to focus all our efforts onto Zombie Gauntlet Live. I hit a major milestone last week with the completion of the building of the last level. Although there's a lot of work yet to go in terms of lighting and beautification and game objects and stuff, the foundation is there, and the player can walk from the beginning of the game all the way to the end. Sammy (you! the main character) can't do anything yet, but the framework is now there.

More updates soon!


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