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Levels, Lighting, and Stories!

I know it's Saturday night and I should be out partying like everyone else, but instead I'm working.

So first a little progress report. Levels are together. All in various states of completion, but the good news is that you can run from one end of the game to another. There's nothing really to do yet, but that's still a really big step!

The latest work in progress is lighting...I have to stop getting distracted by making billboards like the one in the screenshot and just buckle down and get all the lighting done!

And a little back story to the screenshot above. In the post-zombie apocalypse world of Zombie Gauntlet Live the world has been divided into city states known as enclaves. Although much has changed, the world still begs for entertainment. One of the biggest providers of that entertainment is a company known as EEN -Enclave Entertainment Network. They're a state-sponsored station that provides news, entertainment, and propoganda.

One of the most popular shows on EEN is Zombie Gauntlet Live. A show that pits stalwart contestants against the hordes of zombies. The farther you make it in the contest, the better your rewards are!

So that's that. Just a little set up for the game. until next time!

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