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Some ZGL Backstory

OWS Logo

As we go further along, I'll be updating you with some back story on certain elements of Zombie Gauntlet Live. This is one. Orwellian Cyber Systems was founded in in the late 21st century by Archturix Orwell. The date is unsure, but what is certain is that it was just before what became known as The Great Robot War which led to the rise of the Enclaves. He claimed ancestry all the way back to the legendary author George Orwell. Although the claim was never proven, most people took it as fact.

OCS is a semi-governmental agency that is involved in all sorts of projects for the Enclave governments, including security and weapons research. Their biggest claim to fame is their development of autonomous robots and human-cybernetic implants.

They also once employed techno-religionist Victor Kurzvic, the founder of the Cybernetic Registration Authority and creator of the Kurzvic Corruption Scale for cybernetic individuals. the KC-Scale is a numeric representation from of how far away from True Human they are.

OCS is rumored to have involvement in all sorts of other things, and they get blamed for everything from hiding alien contact to secret trans-human research to connections to the Templars and Illuminati. If there's a conspiracy in the world, somehow OCS is involved. Even in the future the more things change, the more they stay the same!

Why do they appear in a game about a zombie survival gameshow? your guess is as good as mine! (actually, I know, but I'm not telling!)

ZGL Update

Still working hard on the game levels. Things are getting closer, but levels are a big task! Once they get to a pretty good point, other elements (like combat!) can get added in! Then it'll stop being an architectural walkthrough and start becoming a game!

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