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Level progresseses and screenshots

Like I mentioned in the last post, I'm still knee deep in level design. In a normal game, you get the basics of the level down with crude level design shapes and then work on the gameplay. Standard procedure for game development.

In my case, I didn't want to have to do all that work over and over so I focused on getting all the levels done before starting on the gameplay. I've got a pretty good idea in my head of how it should go, so I don't think I'll have any problems with it. (for some insight into what I'm talking about, see my article on the fun instinct!)

So anyway, with that in mind, I'd like to share some screenshots of Downtown, the first level that was created for ZGL and its progress. All the screenshots were taken from roughly the same perspective:

Here we see the level roughed out in basic geometry. This was done with the ProBuilder add on from the Unity asset store. the different colors represent different buildings. I did this first to get a sense of scale and how the level would feel as you run through it.

This is the same level with the prototype geometry removed. I've replaced it with a level kit. This is from when I was working on the basic zombie AI.

If you're curious, I'm using the UFPS (Unity FPS) kit for the basic FPS game mechanics. Can't remember the name of the city level kit.

Now we're starting too look like a level! This is the same level, about the same few, from a couple weeks ago. Some of the buildings and streets in the level hit have been modified, but if you look close enough, the streetlight from screenshot # 2 is still there in the distance.

Some notes about the decorations....The tubes in the top are 'The Vac' - the common method of public transportation in the ZGL (And Project 2137) world. They're basically giant vacuum tubes that propel cars to all sorts of destinations. The exciting thing about this particular part of the game is that The Vac is based in real science. Elon Musk is working on one as one of his futurist projects. He calls it 'The Hyperloop'

And The 'final' version of the level. Some more decoration, including advertisements and billboards have been added, and you can see the ritzy part of town in the far distance.

I hope you dug the process....the level's come a long way since the beginning!

Here's one more from a different perspective!

Without trying to spoil too much, this is the intersection you can see in the distance from another angle...looks like something bad happened down there and no one bothered to clean it up!

So that's a wrap on this post! until next time!


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